Monesha Clark

 Monesha Clark is a published freelance writer, public relations specialist, and entertainment journalist. has been writing professionally since 2020 about entertainment, beauty and health. Mo earned her certifications as a Public Relations Specialist from International Associates Of Professions Career College. You can view her latest work on the cover and inside of national publication “FEMI Magazine”.  In addition to writing for FEMI Magazine, Mo just secured writing contracts with elite publications SHEEN magazine and UPSCALE Magazine. 

 Monesha intertwines her cultivating creative drive for writing along with her engaging social media, marketing, and networking know how's together with multiple platforms to create and conquer additional media strategies and teaching techniques. Monesha has been featured on multiple platforms such as FEMI, VOYAGE Atl, Pretty Women Hustle, and many more. 

     Celebrity interviews include; rap artist T.I, reality tv stars Joc and Kendra, from the hit show ‘ZATIMA’, Crystal Renee, and so many more. Mo is also the publicist for celebrity clients such as; Suzette The Realtor, Kendrick Daniel, Prince Razi, and many more.

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