My Recent Work

Shaking Things Up With Shupier

Creativity has to be constant. Sometimes it seems as though there’s no other way. The pandemic showed the world a lot. It showed us designer closets, DIY’s and so many other things. Although some in the world experienced financial challenges, others in the world had financial breakthroughs, but it wasn’t from hitting the state lottery. It was from hitting the creativity lottery. The pandemic forever changed entrepreneurship. Creatives who were already creative literally had time on their hands t

Chilling & Chatting With Chelsea

We are in a world full of entrepreneurs, content creators and boss babes making change. The goal is to empower, create, and elevate. The success rate has the potential to soar beyond even our own expectations and can literally be done by reaching back and helping others. Chelsea Smith (Speaks) is doing just that. Trailblazing and taking the media world by storm literally one commitment at a time. Recently SHEEN had the pleasure of chatting with Chelsea and discussing her boss babe moves.


Spolied About Fashion With Keys Harper

Most of us know with fashion comes controversies. Most designers block out the noise an defy the cause with ground breaking trends. When you pair that boldness and add patterns and colors you end up literally crossing lines. Recently we sat down with Keys Harper owner of the Spoiled Brats brand to see just how calming defiance can actually be.

Sheen: So often we are told that we need to focus on just one thing. If you have kids you have to scale back your career, if you have a career, you can’t